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Visible Defect™ Testimonials

Heating and cooling technicians and contractors across the United States use Visible Defects™ Heat Exchanger Inspection System to safely find and diagnose cracks in heat exchangers. Here's what some of them have to say:

"I feel that one day this will be a required tool for every service tech who is serious about protecting the health of their clients... I have used and owned a HET KIT test with tracer gas and found it very time consuming and problematic. The tolerance for doing the test correctly is so low that I have severe doubts that most techs would even be able to understand the test much less know how to find accurate results. The VD system takes about 3 minutes to do as long as you know how to do it. Trust me, it is very easy to do and ANY tech could do it easily."
Joe Crisara
Big Time Inc.
Chicago, IL

"I want to tell all your potential customers: get certainty you can stake your reputation on by using Visible Defects on every heating call and every comfort system inspection."
Kathe Stewart
Precision Air Conditioning & Heating LLC
Memphis, TN

"The VD equipment has recovered the cost of my investment into your product and all additional cracks are now a bonus. Thanks."
Jimmie Thom
Atel Inc.
Williamsburg, Ontario

"One of my technicians has used many techniques to locate cracked heat exchangers, however Visible Defects is making his job much easier in many ways, in particular explaining to the customer just what they are seeing when the fluorescent green dye appears inside the heat exchanger instead of simply a wet spot."
Alan Givens
Parrish Services
Manassas, VA

"The guys who purchased your system have taken off like wild fire, finding cracks in places they have never been able to find before."
Michael Rackers
Beltsville, MD

"Visible Defects, it's as close to foolproof as it gets (for finding cracked heat exchangers)."
Charlie "Tec Daddy" Greer

"I've had one guy condemn ten furnaces in two days! ... Almost without exception the technicians stated that they would not have found the cracks without the Visible Defects dye penetrant."
Tom Gabrilson
Gabrilson Indoor Climate Solutions
Davenport, IA