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Eliminate VD! Practice Safe Heating!™

Visible Defects™ Heat Exchanger Inspection System is a tool that provides HVAC service technicians with an accurate, cost effective, and non-destructive way of evaluating heat exchangers. Heating contractors across the nation agree that Visible Defects is a huge asset that is perfect for fall/autumn clean and checks. Incorporating the best in ultra-violet dye illumination and state-of-the-art miniaturization video technology, our patent-pending system is the only way to consistently find even the smallest heat exchanger cracks.

Seeing is believing! Provide exclusive proof to your customers that a new system is needed for their home or business. Independent contractors confirm that at least 30% of all furnaces over 10 years old, when inspected with the Visible Defects™ System, are found to have defective heat exchangers. Increase your profits, increase your closing ratio, and increase your furnace sales while protecting your customers from harmful gasses!

Visible Defects™ Heat Exchanger Inspection System

The Visible Defects System

Don't risk your customer's safety relying on visual inspection alone. Cracked heat exchangers emit carbon monoxide gas into the living space of the dwelling which can result in sickness or death. Visible Defects™ uses a patent-pending process that will give you an easy, non-destructive testing procedure that you can stake your reputation on! The system includes:

  • Instructional Video
  • Patent-Pending Spray Applicator with 2 nozzles
  • Super Bright LED UV Light
  • Ultraviolet Blocking Safety Glasses
  • Acrylic Inspection Mirror
  • 2 Gallons of Crack Finder Dye
  • 1 year Warranty

Our patent-pending, bright green, liquid, florescent dye is highly sensitive, has low odor, is non-toxic, emits no smoke, provides visual detection, and provides provable results. Simply insert the brass spray nozzle fully into the 'air-side' of the heat exchanger and slowly pull the nozzle out while spraying. The dye is then illuminated by the UV light making cracks easy to find and verifying that the crack is from the 'air-side' to the 'combustion-side' of the heat exchanger.

Achieve Results


Prove how important preventative maintenance is while achieving amazing results! Simply have your Service Technicians use the Visible Defects™ Heat Exchanger Inspection System as part of their normal dianosis / safety inspection on every furnace that is over five years old. GUARANTEED!